UGA Football Player’s Suicide Testimony

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Scullin’s story originially appeared on The Wish Dish

Michael Scullin, University of Georgia

The cold steel of the knife touched my wrist. I took a deep breath and said “This is it.” I was ready to end it.

I tried my hardest to cut up my forearm. I tried once. It didn’t leave a mark. I tried twice. I couldn’t. I dropped the knife. Tears of joy ran down my face as I realized the most important thing ever in my life. I put the knife away, not wanting to ever see it again. I went to sleep and woke up being the happiest I had been in nine months. I wasn’t going to let depression affect me ever again. It was time to change it.

Allow me to present a little background on myself here first. I graduated high school with high honors and had many achievements in athletics and clubs. I joined the UGA football team as a preferred walk on, essentially an offer which means that the athlete will get recruited but receive no scholarship. So in July of 2013, I enrolled in the University of Georgia and began football workouts. I met some great friends that summer and won’t ever forget it.

I was depressed from about August until the night of May 2nd of freshman year of college. There was no reason behind it all. Plain and simple. People say “There had to be something behind it.” There wasn’t. I had everything. I have the best family in the world, great friends and teammates, and I was living a great life in college. I would randomly feel depressed.

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