Thoughts on the Upcoming Season From an Avid UGA Football Fan

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James Morgan, a dedicated UGAFootballLive follower, emailed me this piece and asked me if I would mind sharing it on the website. Here are James’ thoughts on the upcoming season:


With every spring comes a renewed sense of optimism for Georgia football. We like to think that this could be our year, especially after watching a “no name” go off in the spring game. We get our hopes up almost every spring…only to be let down in the fall. But it’s really too early to judge how good or bad a football team will be. This time last year, we only knew Nick Chubb was a touted recruit…who could jump high. Every year, freshmen seem to be making more of an impact on college football.
Spring practice is different for the Dawgs this year. A legitimate starting quarterback needs to separate himself, it doesn’t matter if it’s Fauton Bauta, Brice Ramsey or Jacob Park, one of then just needs to step up. Key cogs in the offense like Keith Marshall, Justin Scott-Wesley and Malcolm Mitchell need to get healthy and then stay healthy.
If a legitimate starting quarterback emerges, then Georgia should become a national championship contender. The past two years, Georgia has not ended up in Atlanta. They’ve been exceptionally unlucky with both injuries and the Todd Gurley saga over the past two years. Still, last year it was unacceptable to miss the game. Each loss was embarrassing and unforeseen. We blew games versus three of our biggest rivals: South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia Tech.
The 2015 Georgia Bulldog team has to to show up everyday, starting in the spring. Consistency will make or break this team as it almost always does. If the team is inconsistent, fans will be let down once again. Fans don’t have the opportunity to know how spring practice is really going in comparison to other teams and can’t see results until the season starts.
Looking forward to the fall, the Dawgs have a relatively easy schedule. They get a Bama team who lost a lot of key contributors to the draft at home, play three cupcake non-conference games, and play in yet again a weak SEC East.
Additionally, the Dawgs finally have continuity under Jeremy Pruitt on defense, they lost Mike Bobo, and they return a powerful run offense that lost only one starting lineman and Todd Gurley. Everything except quarterback is set.
If the Dawgs have another game manager at quarterback, I’d foresee another painful 9-3 season, featuring more typical Georgia-style let downs. With decent quarterback play, the SEC Championship is easily within reach. With the playoff format, it’s hard to imagine a SEC Champion missing the postseason. But to win the title, it would take above average quarterback play or marginal quarterback play play with an incredible effort from the supporting cast. This years supporting cast might be able to do just that if they develop well and add a few talented freshman to the line up. There’s still a chance Georgia could turn out like Ole Miss last year, who was doomed under Bo Wallace or even an Ohio State or Bama. It all depends on the quarterback this year.

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