Recruits give their thoughts on UGA’s season

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By Anna Parks:

This season has been filled with an array of emotions: the joy of beating South Carolina, the devastation of losing to Alabama and Tennessee, and the confusion of the Missouri game (how does no one score a touchdown?). Anyways, since we have hit October, this UGA football team has performed under par to say the least; however, all hope is not lost. With the opportunity to still win the SEC East and move on to the SEC Championship, UGA could really turn their season around and get back on track. Thinking in a grander scheme of things, a major aspect that could help send this program into the right direction is recruiting. And, just like everyone else, recruits hold their own opinions too.

Five star defensive tackle Derrick Brown of Lanier High School is being heavily recruited by UGA and many other top schools. Brown said that UGA is “a very good defensive team, they fly around,” which we saw in the Missouri game as the Dawgs held the Tigers to one rushing yard in the first half and zero touchdowns overall. When asked how he thinks Georgia will finish the season out, Brown replied, “I’m not sure how they will finish out. It just depends on them,” and the game against Florida on October 31st will be a huge deciding factor in the way Georgia will be able to finish out the year. Brown stated that “I thought the offensive passing game would’ve been better and the offense would’ve been more aggressive,” and many people would agree. But with the five star strong arm, Jacob Eason, coming from across the nation to play for UGA, the future looks very promising for the offense. Brown will commit in February when he chooses between Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Alabama, and Auburn.

Derrick Brown (Pic: 247)
Derrick Brown (Pic: 247)

Another top recruit, Jamyest Williams of Archer High School, shares his thoughts on Georgia’s season so far. Williams states, “My thoughts are that with all the new staff UGA has they are doing the best they can with the personnel that which they might not have recruited themselves, but once they get the guys they recruit fans will see the tables turn.” Another hot topic right now is Coach Richt in the hot seat. Some fans want him gone while some hope to never see him leave in their lifetime. Williams, however, is confident in Coach Richt’s ability and said, “[Georgia] will finish fine because Coach Richt does a good job on getting the guys to focus at the task at hand.” Personally, I believe that more people should have Williams’s mentality towards Coach Richt and his program. Rather than bashing the players and coaches, fans should stay loyal and supportive even during rough times.

Jamyest Williams (Pic: 247Sports)
Jamyest Williams (Pic: 247Sports)

Kyle Davis, teammate of Williams, will be making his commitment announcement on Friday. Davis is the nation’s number one wide receiver and is being heavily recruited by Georgia, Tennessee, and Auburn. He will declare his school of choice by wearing a hat with that team’s logo on it as he runs out of the banner Friday night. Davis would a huge asset to the Georgia football program.

Mecole Hardman Jr. of Elbert County agrees with Williams. Hardman said, “I think Georgia has had a good season, but not as good as they want. I think that they can win the rest of their games, but Florida and Auburn will be a hard task.” An Army All American, Hardman is being heavily recruited by multiple schools including UGA. When asked what has disappointed him most of Georgia’s season so far, Hardman answered, “When Chubb got hurt that really disappointed me. I was looking forward to him winning the Heisman, so for him to get hurt really was sad.” The majority of Bulldog Nation would agree that, despite the losses to Alabama and Tennessee, Nick Chubb’s injury is the most heartbreaking incident of the season. Thinking positively, with Jacob Eason, Nick Chubb and all the new recruits that commit to the G for next fall, the future for the University of Georgia football program is looking brighter than ever.

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