Pep Talk to the DawgNation

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From the Coaching Desk of Ryan Tourial.

He’s never played a down of organized football in his life but that won’t stop “Coach” Tourial from giving his own pre-game pep talk to the Bulldog Nation.

Now more than ever, times are tough. The talk about major change coming to the football program is louder than ever. A once record setting offense has now nestled itself at the bottom of the SEC in terms of production. A team once full of depth has been injured seemingly beyond repair yet again. And a team with high expectations continues downward in its seemingly never ending free fall.

A miserable October is over, but gives way to a new beginning—November. Any English major worth his or her salt knows that fall is a symbol of decline and decay. But to the Dawgs, one month deeper in autumn might just be the rebirth that they’re looking for.

Our beloved Dawgs went 1-3 in October; three losses in three completely gruesome and unforgettable ways. With all of the hope and expectations in the world, the Dawgs entered Sanford Stadium a favorite over Alabama. The first time in years that the Tide were an underdog. They made sure that it was the last time.

Against Tennessee, the Dawgs lost their Heisman contender in Nick Chubb. The first play was an omen of what was to come when one of the nation’s best backs went down. It just goes to show that 31 points might not always be enough.

Then there was Halloween. All you had to do was turn on CBS at 3:30 to see a clean old Georgia Football nightmare. No Dracula or Frankenstein needed. Our monster is Orange and Blue.

One lone win, three losses, three offensive touchdowns. Thank goodness October is over.

So, once again, times are tough. Georgia football is at a cross roads. November is a new month and a clean slate. It starts on Saturday with Kentucky. Maybe the Dawgs are still in free fall, or maybe they’ve reached rock bottom. In that case, the only way to go is up. Questions at quarterback, the offensive line, running back and receiver continue to plague this team that just one month ago was a top of the college football world. But November starts anew.

Whether you believe change at the highest level is inevitable is not what this post is about. The Dawgs are all but eliminated from playing for anything of real importance. But as hammy, and corny as it is, the Dawgs can still play for pride, can still play for each other and are still playing for the Bulldog Nation. November is a new beginning and it might just prove to be Georgia’s greatest ally… its only ally.

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