Four Halftime Thoughts: Georgia v. Tennessee

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By Brandon Sudge:

Featured photo: Josh Jones / Red and Black

The Dawgs started off the game in complete devastation as star RB Nick Chubb is lost for the game in what seems to be a severe knee injury. However, the Dawgs must keep powering on, and seem to struggle maintaining control of a big lead as Georgia leads Tennessee by a slim margin of 24-17 at the half. I’ve got four thoughts on the Dawgs performance throughout 30 minutes of regulation.

1. Tennessee has success with the QB run

Georgia is doing a phenomenal job of stuffing running backs Jalen Hurd and Alvin Kamara, as they have only totaled for 30 yards. However, when QB Josh Dobbs has the opportunity on designed runs, he is taking advantage. Dobbs is averaging 9.4 yards per rush. If this issue is solved, I look for Tennessee to continue to struggle to be successful in the run game.

2.  Schottenheimer is sticking to run game

Despite the Chubb injury, Schottenheimer seems to have a trust in Michel to carry the load. He must keep continuing to use the depth available to take stress off of Greyson Lambert, who doesn’t have the ability to take total control.

3. Georgia must contain the middle of the field

Tennessee is having success on the routes to their tight ends and slot receivers. We’ve seen this trouble Georgia on multiple occasions as Dobbs has found open areas to throw the ball down the middle of the field. This exposure will lead to opening of the playbook, and has lead to a Georgia debacle late in the second quarter.

4. Georgia must tackle

It’s plain and simple, in order to be successful, Georgia does not need to whiff on tackles. Tennessee’s wide receivers have been contained well throughout the game, but have been able to break loose due to a lack of tackling successfully. These mistakes have been the core reason that Tennessee has been allowed to climb back in this game, scoring 14 unanswered in the last 5 minutes.

Georgia must avoid mistakes and stick to the game plan to have success. The defense has been very successful, but unexplainable errors should not be made to beat a pesky Volunteers squad.

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