Nick Chubb has competition at running back…from his 11 year old cousin

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Nick Chubb poses with his younger cousin Harlem Diamon, his uncle James and his baby cousin

By Kevin Keneely:

Everyone knows Georgia running back Nick Chubb to be a bruising downhill back, but what many people don’t know is that he has an 11-year old cousin, Harlem Diamond, who is already making hits and moves that are eerily similar to Chubb.

Harlem may only be 11 years old, but he is already a superstar at the running back position, leading his team to the GRPA State Championship in Crisp County last season and according to his father, James Diamond, “Our entire team was motivated by Nick’s injury.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Harlem went on to score three touchdowns and recorded a team-high 16 tackles.

Chubb has been quite the role model for Harlem, and James Diamond claims that Chubb has had a tremendous impact on his son. “Nick took him on a recruit visit to Georgia,” Diamond said. “Being from such a small town to see the success Nick is having has opened his eyes that his dreams can come true.”

Diamond is very proud of how his son looks up to Chubb’s humble demeanor and how he tries to emulate it throughout his own life. “He is a very humble kid. I [am] most proud of him for not letting the early success go to his head. He is an “all-A” student member of the science club and enjoys helping my grandmother in her garden. He is a good-hearted kid off the field so I am more proud of his character.”

When it comes to looking at the future and where he sees his son playing college ball down the road, he says, “His dream is to be a Bulldog; he loves the Bulldogs.” Harlem is a big fan of the Dawgs and hopefully one day we will be cheering him on as he plows through opposing SEC defenders.

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