Simple Formula — To Win, Georgia Must Run Successfully

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By Joe Vitale:

In the past 10 games Georgia has played Florida, the team with the most rushing yards has won the game.

The Gators totaled 678 rushing yards the past two years against the Bulldogs — 27-3  and 38-20 wins in 2015 and 2014, respectively.

In Georgia’s 23-20 victory in 2013, it’s third win in a row over Florida, Todd Gurley rushed for 100 yards.  With 8:30 minutes remaining in the game, Georgia rushed the ball on 10 of the final 12 plays to run out the clock and secure the victory.

In 2012, Gurley once again surpassed 100 yards rushing and the Bulldogs won 17-9. Georgia out rushed Florida 185 to -19 yards in the Dawgs 24-20, 2011 victory.

Florida’s and Georgia’s offense each functions best behind a run-first mentality. In wins against North Carolina and South Carolina, Georgia’s offensive line was a well oiled machine. In losses to Ole Miss and Vandy, the running game collapsed.

In a loss to Tennessee and lackluster wins over Vanderbilt and UMass, the Gators averaged just 3 yards a carry and totaled 327 rushing yards. The Gators averaged 6 yards a carry in wins against Missouri and Kentucky.

For the season, Georgia is averaging 196 rushing yards and Florida averages 182 rushing yards per game. The Dawgs are yielding 111 yards on the ground per game and the Gators surrender an average of 120 yards.

It’s not only running successfully, but creating those explosive running plays that gets the stadium rocking and demoralizes the other team. Florida has 19 runs of 10 yards or more in SEC games, tied for eighth in the conference . Georgia is third with 36, including 18 from Nick Chubb. There’s nothing like the thunderous crescendo of 45,000 fans during a long run while the other half of the stadium sits in silence.

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