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Company profiles

  Changshu Hao Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various connecting wire harnesses. The main products are automotive wire harnesses, medical wire harnesses, industrial wire harnesses, new energy wire harnesses, communication wire harnesses and various wire harnesses. It produces more than 10 million sets of various wiring harnesses, and achieves annual sales of over 100 million yuan. The company now has a group of professional and capable management team and a high-quality professional and technical personnel, constantly promoting technological innovation, and serving customers with strong quality and production. The company adopts ISO9001:2008, TS16949:2009, ISO13485:2003, UL standards Establish a complete quality management system. In line with the business philosophy of self-improvement, technology leadership, excellence, and the pursuit of excellence, we carefully build a harmonious core team, actively expand domestic and foreign markets, provide high-quality, convenient and satisfactory services to electronics industry partners, and make good electrical appliances become The most trusted partner of customers.

  Good Enterprise Changshu Good Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electronic materials. The company's products are mainly die-cut parts, and its customer fields include communications, home appliances, electronics, computer hardware, etc. Mainly engaged in various kinds of conductive materials, thermal conductive materials, shielding materials, various imported double-sided tapes, various backlight materials, various insulating materials, various protective films and other products.


  The company has advanced production equipment, testing equipment and other hardware facilities in the industry; and has a group of professionally qualified management personnel and professional technical engineers. The company actively promotes and establishes the IS09001 quality management system. Based on the business philosophy of continuous self-improvement, ethics, professional expertise, and pursuit of excellence, the company carefully builds a harmonious core team, actively expands domestic and foreign markets, and is a partner in the electronics industry. Provide high-quality, convenient and satisfactory services.

  In the fiercely competitive market, we will continue to improve the company’s software and hardware facilities, strengthen internal management, to adapt to market needs, provide better and better services to domestic and foreign customers, and continue to be a qualified and excellent supplier. Welcome domestic and foreign merchants to cooperate with us to create brilliant.