Poll reveals which fanbases recruits find most pleasant, most annoying on social media

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By Joe Vitale:

Nowadays in recruiting, social media bridges the gap between high school recruits and college fanbases with Twitter being the leading platform for communication between the two parties.

Throughout the past week, 85 Under Armour All-American selections were polled by ESPN in regards to which school’s fans are the most pleasant on social media, and who’s fans are the most annoying.

Georgia led the way on the list of the most enjoyable fanbases with nine votes in the Bulldogs’ favor. Michigan checked in next with seven votes, followed by Penn State (six) and Alabama, LSU and Oklahoma, who all tied with five.

On the other hand, when it came to the most annoying fanbases, Tennessee fans took the gold with nine votes. It’s not hard to wrap your brain around how the Vol-Nation got that number one ranking. Simply search “#Vols” on Twitter (viewer discretion is advised) and you’ll see why high school athletes gave Tennessee that number one ranking.

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